“Charlie is one of the most electrifying artists working today”

Susan Barrett – Founder & president of Barrett Barrera Projects.

Main tasks:


  • Filming the Process + Live-Performance
  • Edit


  • Score / Musicdesign for the Video


ABOUT Charlie Le Mindu:

  • CELEBS: Lady Gaga – Lana del Ray – Rossy de Palma – Astrid Bergés Frisbey – Peaches – La Femme – Kap Bambino
  • CLIENTS: Chanel – Colette – Selfridges – Walt Disney – Nokia – L’Oréal – Tommy Hilfiger
  • MAGAZINES: Vogue Italia – NumZro- i – D – Grey – Hunger – Viva!Moda – Lovecat
  • PHOTOS: Ellen von Unwerth- Saga Sig – Wing Shya – Tim Walker – Karina Twiss – Rankin


Charlie le Mindu demonstrates the limits of his medium and the limits of traditional definitions of art. Using sculpture and movement, le Mindu coalesces contemporary culture and our primal selves into creations simultaneously reminiscent of African art and European clubwear. The artist pushes the material boundaries of synthetic and human hair, developing techniques that treat hair much in the same way that fur has been treated and fetishized for its aesthetic and sensual qualities in the larger historical continuum of fashion. Charlie le Mindu is redefining the fetish by reexamining hair not only as a means of personal decoration, but as a material with which we can fashion the self and manifest the imagination. ”



Stéphane Margolis’ creations, conceived like chimeras – fresh plants and flowers displayed and transformed with mineral and artifical matter – appear into our world like strange and ominous creatures. Half-way between vegetation, animal and voodoo dolls, their perishable frailness is captured and frozen by photography and is brought to us in a powerful evocation of a dying planet – a preoccupying theme for the artist, who grew up in the horticultural region of Hyères in the South of France, amidst lush flower plantations and tropical trees. His training in the traditionnal japanese floral art of Ikebana has given him a sense of the sacred and that of a milenary discipline, alongside the humour of occidental surrealism. If nature, since mankind began, has moulded humanity, Margolis takes this process in reverse and freezes the living in a never-ending moment of grace. As an artist conscious of his time, his creations pursue the idea of beauty and alert us : the world is dying. The various elements used for his works are altered to the point of unrecognition, in an alchemic game, and become the silent witnesses of a planet devastated by humanity.


Lady Gaga x Charlie Le Mindu
Lady Gaga x Charlie Le Mindu
Lana Del Ray x Charlie Le Mindu
Lana Del Ray x Charlie Le Mindu