15 Minutes Sound- Mix- / Design

“Henrik Vibskov” SS18 Fashion Show at “Paris Fashion Week 2017”


Main tasks:


  • Designing & Mixing a 15 Minutes Soundtrack for Live Runway


“There was a moment while filming Henrik Vibskov’s “The Five O’Clock Leg Alignment” last season when I wondered if some of the performers had fallen asleep. I’m a big fan of sleep; as I stood behind the camera, adrenaline racing, I looked at the performers as they lay still on the ground with a twinge of envy.

In fact, one of the performers did fall asleep for a few minutes, which inspired the Vibskov design team to explore sleeping from different angles. The team considered sleeping in unconventional places, insomnia, night visions, monsters under the bed, and wrinkled bed sheets. These elements can all be seen in Vibskov’s latest collection, “A Great Chain of Sleepers.” A series of otherworldly, The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-esque sleeping bags hung upside-down across the set (dear Henrik, please sell these!) as Vibskov’s very beautiful night monster paraded down the runway, reminding us all this Henrik really is the king of artistic Danish fashion.”  www.scandinaviastandard.com



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